Monday, 3 March 2014

You can make it beautiful - Painted Waffle Form DIY

Want a great way to brighten up your kitchen with a kitschy or vintage item? Follow this simple do it yourself - 

A couple of weeks ago Crystal and I were in a thrift store and came across this gem. It's prob one of my favorite items I've ever found and that's saying something. I think the simple mess of it and the smooth lines make it lovely - but that doesn't mean us can't be improved. 

Gather your supplies. I went with a Neapolitan ice cream theme to go with the waffle cone. I love how these colors look together. I made an Adobe Kuler palette which you can use if you'd like too, found here

I studiously painted the waffle form. This is a great part because you can figure out what kind of stripes and such you want. Get creative!

And voila! A beautiful painted waffle form with scalloped edges. Perfect for decorating a lovely kitchen or cafe.

What color would you paint your waffle form? Maybe your favorite ice cream flavour - mint chocolate chip (brown and sea green), strawberry (reds and pinks) or even sherbet (orange, yellow and pink)? Let me know what you'd choose!

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