Saturday, 29 March 2014

Quick Cup of Tea by Holly

What a week! Anyone else so great for the weekend to finally be here? 

My seeds are sprouting! I didn't even notice at first and then when I did notice, well I may have squealed a bit. These sweet peas are going to be gorgeous!

The clouds have been lovely around here. I snapped this one on my break Wednesday. 

I am in love with my house plants. Seriously. And this watering can I got for Christmas. 

Spring and summer always makes me want to paint my nails and who am I to deny that? This pink went well with this fun tutu style skirt I wore. 

No post would be complete without a photo of my adorable cat Amy. Here sad is 'helping' Crystal and I make costumes for our next photo shoot. 

Here's to a relaxing and slow weekend

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