Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Five Ideas for Panoramic Shots ~ DIY - You can make it beautiful

Panorama photographs can be breathtaking! These shots I took today, high on a mountain above the city. The sky was perfect, and gorgeous lighting. The small clouds made beautiful random shadows on the hills, and the sea was turquoise.

Here's a few ideas for your own panoramic shots.

~Use the horizon as a way to level your shot. Keep it in the center the whole way around and you end up with a picture perfect photo.

~Try a shot without the land in it. Go for the sky! A long beautiful sky shot with variable clouds will be a unique and gorgeous photo, as well as a great spot to add text or icons.

~ Look for the light. The sun shining through clouds will make a beautiful shot, and who doesn't love a lens flare? Watch out though, if you start on the sun side of the sky then the camera won't be able to adjust for the rest of the sky, and it will become darker. Personally I love the above shot, with the contrast between brights and darks, but you may not want that effect.

~Include some close up landscape elements with the far away ones, such as rocks and trees close to you along with far away hills and mountains. It keeps things interesting and gives your photos a focus point. 

~Watch where you step! Don't get so caught up in the shot that you spin around and trip over your own feet! (Not saying this happened to me...)

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