Wednesday, 12 March 2014

You Can Make it Beautiful - Camera Tassel DIY


So I want to take my beloved Instax camera with me on my trip (yay!-Portland!) but the camera needed a little spricing up. Who wants a boring camera strap when you can have a fancy camera tassel?

Presenting five simple DIY camera tassels! Now the problem is which one do I use on my trip?

To make Western Rustic Star Tassel:
Cut a piece of leather (I used an old coat) and sew on a beautiful button, snap or other fun adornment. Use embroidery thread to sew a simple yet stunning design (I chose three little x's). For the loop I braided some matching embroidery thread and tied it in a knot. And voila!

To make Mini Green Bikini Tassel:
Use a thin yarn and chain approx 20 then do about three or four single crochet rows, depending on how thick you want. Add on some gorgeous glass beads and tie a knot. Love it!

To make Spotted Owl Tassel:
Collect feathers of different kinds or patterns. Gather the tops together and wrap some rustic yarn around them, tying it off securely after making one large loop. Beautiful!

To make Polka Square Tassel:
Find two matching size wooden squares (I used old Scrabble tiles). Put the string between them and glue them together. Get out your favorite washi or other decorative tape and cover the outsides. Lovely!!

To make Golden Blue Treasure Tassel:
Get a small wooden block and tape off two sides diagonally. Paint the whole thing a single color, allow to dry and then after taking off the tape, paint the two previously covered sides a bright beautiful color. Add a screw in hook with some string and you're done!

Enjoy making your tassels!! Which one is your favorite? 

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