Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Reading List - My Go-To Garden Books

I love all books but once I started gardening and loving plants I discovered a whole new kind of book that I hadn't thought about before-gardening books! It was like a whole new world was open to me. Ah...books about gardening. 

Since that day I've collected quite a few gardening books. Some are memoirs, some are local and some are just because the pictures are lovely. 

These four are my go to ones. If I have a quick question about something I'm growing or what possibly I can do out in the garden in February than these are the ones I usually pull off the shelf. 

Sugar Snaps and Strawberries - This one is just lovely. Wonderful photos and great tips. From this one I learned what the little green slugs in my garden last year were. Also this one is local to my area. 

Grow Great Grub - I love the way this book is laid out and the gorgeous photos. I like the little projects she has thru out her book as well. 

Food Grown Right, in Your Backyard - This was a total whim purchase but it's actually the book I probably use the most. This is also semi local so the info is completely relevant. I love the way it's presented and that each vegetable or fruit has a little section called "What --- can teach you about..." with topics ranging from 'vegetable plants looking amazing' to 'harvesting baby vegetables'. If you're in the Pacific Northwest area, get this book!

Island Gardening - My mom gave me this book so it's treasured a bit more than others. This is completely local and is a month by month guide for what to do in your garden. It's great because I can trust her advice since she's local and it's a good read. 

Tips for buying your own go-to gardening books:
-get local or at least in your area books, makes it so much easier to know if it's relevant to you
-go for ones with lots of pictures, that way it's at least a pretty read if nothing else
-only going to flower garden, then get a flower gardening book (as you can see I'm doing veggies mostly, so most of my books represent that)
-browse second hand, most of my books are from second hand book stores which I find have much bigger selections and very different books

Enjoy your gardening book reading! 

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