Tuesday, 4 March 2014

When We Were Young - Bildspel! - 3D viewmaster memories!

Remember these? The bright red-orange viewmasters with the orange handle on the side? The magic of looking inside and seeing a 3D world? (I always wondered how they did that...and ya, still do wonder..) Well Holly and I found this beauty and these really nostalgic slide reels and knew we had to put them up in our shop.

First place we're going in our magical viewmaster is Sweden! Hence the title of the blog post! Bildspel means "picture show" in Swedish. And although I'm probably using it out of context, I love it! Thought I'd share a few other great Swedish words with you as well...

Bloggbavning = blogquake!! 
Isn't that a great one? hehehe. It basically describes when a blog post goes nova in the blogosphere and everyone hears about it. One can only dream of a bloggbavning!

Padda = nickname for an ipad or tablet. That cute 'lil padda!

Terja = manipulate a photograph! This is a great one! I Terja ALL the time, and most of the photos on the blog are of course Terja'ed. (Yes, the capital letter isn't a mistake - it comes from Terje Helleso who ultimately confessed to manipulating his winning animal photos). 

Ok, moving on! We also have some classic fairy tales, such as Goldilocks, Snow White and Peter Pan. (Honestly, those last two just make me think of Once Upon A Time!)

A cool thing ----> The shots in these viewmaster reels are in clay! Odd? Check out the pic below of how they built them. And I do mean BUILT! So much work for a couple shots!!!

We also got a free one! Beautiful shots of the Seven Wonders of the World!

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