Thursday, 20 March 2014

You Can Make it Beautiful - Hello Spring Cards

Last year I sent out homemade cards for Valentines Day. I wasn't on the ball this year and so I was thinking of what the next holiday would be a good one to send something out. Maybe Easter? St Patricks Day? Then I thought how much I love spring and want to share that with people who are special to me. 

Step one was gathering supplies. I chose a yellow palette with some gold and purple accents. I knew I wanted to use the Hello stamp from Elise and had plans to use the gold letters but they never really worked out. 

Step two was taking a photo. I actually thought I had a perfect photo but when I printed it out, it didn't work. On my lunchtime walk one day I came across these gorgeous bulb blooms that I knew would work perfect for the cards. 

Step three: Assembling. I added some washi tape and staples and glued and pasted these together. I loved how they were all a little different yet were cohesive. 

Step four is about the backs/message. On the backs I added the stamp and a little more washi tape as well as a fun little message. Everyone got the same message mostly. It's not like they'll see each other's! 

Step five: Envelopes. I wasn't going to leave these plain. I feel like they needed to hint at what's inside so I added another stamp from Elise, this one Love. Add a little washi and heart sticker and it's perfect. 

What holiday could you make cards for your friends? Easter is coming up, or Mother's Day. Or be wild and just do a Happy Friday card. In this world of electronics, we all still love getting mail! 

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