Thursday, 20 March 2014

You can make it Beautiful - Painted Fork Plant Stakes DIY

I want to say this came to me in a dream but it actually came to me during a night when I couldn't sleep so I guess it came to me in a not-dream? Anyways I was excited to try it out. 

Crystal and I bought these lovely forks at a thrift shop but didn't have a use for them right away so I commandeered five. In my vision I wanted the paint to be a light turquoise/mint color which I ended up having to mix. 

I painted them with two coats in a kind of half hazard way. I didn't want them to look super perfect, more whimsy and charming. I left enough room to write the plant names. 

I embassingly actually had to look up a couple of my plants. Who knew I had a goosefoot? Definitely not me! At least this is the last time I have to look it up since now I can refer to my handy dandy plant stakes. 

Stick them tongs down into the dirt. Gotta warn you that they shouldn't get wet as the paint may come off, depending on what you use. But they add a little bit of fun to any plant and what a great gift!

What color would you paint yours? A dark red would offset the green of the plant. Or maybe a blue. What's your favorite?

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