Saturday, 1 March 2014

Quick Cup of Tea - Let it Snow and More!

Listening To - Frozen! Everyone is listening to this soundtrack it seems, and who doesn't love "let it go"? (Although I like to sing it "let it snow") Elsa is fantastic and the reindeer stole my heart. Have to watch again very soon! What's your fav song from the soundtrack?

Making - Cheetah charcoal drawing! For submission to an art show, cross your fingers for me!

Watching - Just saw "War Horse" broadcast from London. WOW. Amazing puppetry!! Took three people to control those beasts, and the movements they got from them were so realistic! Halfway through you forget that they are puppets at all! You cry when they are hurt, and are so happy at the end. Hats off to Joey!

Thinking About - Moving!! Just moved into my new apartment and am undertaking the unpacking and decorating of my new place. Crazy. But stay tuned for pics of all the exciting new stuff!


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