Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Roots and Leaves - Sunflowers from Seed

At work we had a show and share where the children had to bring something about Spring and one of the little boys brought some seeds he'd planted with his mom. I loved this-so cute!

I bought some seeds last night and got out my gardening supplies. Planted them in a seedling container and placed them by my window and heater. Here's hoping they sprout soon!

Interesting facts about sunflowers:
-the Netherlands grew the tallest sunflower ever
-the scientific name for the act of the sunflower following the sun is heliotropism 
-one sunflower head has over 2000 seeds
-the sunflower originated in North America 

Sunflowers represent warmth, happiness and positivity. Who doesn't want some of that in their life?

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