Wednesday, 26 March 2014

We Love Food - Some Cheese Tasting!

Since I adore cheese, I picked up some of the small "sample" cuts from the grocery store to try new flavors. Personally I love a slice with apple, or with reduced balsamic vinegar.

The extra reserve Gouda was good enough to make my knees melt. Crunchy bits, fantastic full flavor. A bit salty, and a beautiful golden color. 

The Swiss Gruyere cave aged Kaltbach was interesting and new to me. Apparently it's aged for 12 months in the sandstone caves of Kaltbach (hence the name). I found that it had a bit of a seasoned smell, like herbs, and a fruity after taste. Delicious!

Vacherin Fribourgeois comes from Fribourgeois of course, and apparently the cows only graze on Alpine grass and wild flowers. It had a nutty taste and a soft texture, but the rind smelled not so good. Don't eat that part.

The Parrano was delicious, sort of like a Gouda and hard Asiago or Parmasan all mixed together. It was a swiss, so of course there were holes. A very good, sweet and soft cheese. 

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