Friday, 14 March 2014

We Love Food - Host your own Craft Brunch!

Last Saturday Crystal and I held a Craft Brunch. What's a craft brunch you may ask and how can I host such an amazing event? Read on...

What: Craft brunches are the best! Friends and I are often getting together in the evenings to craft but we couldn't find a time to do it recently so we decided to do something on a Saturday morning and include breakfast. 

Craft brunches include: food, friends/family and the craft of your choice (for us it was crocheting). 

How: Gather friends and food. Ask everyone to bring something so one person doesn't have to do everything. Great foods for a brunch include muffins, fruit salad, bacon and eggs. Bring your favorite crafts - crochet, knitting, quilting, paper crafts, etc. 

Sit back and fill your stomachs. Laugh and catch up with friends while getting creative. And most of all - enjoy!!

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