Monday, 24 March 2014

You Can Make it Beautiful - DIY - Afterlight - The awesome photo app I am now addicted to

Found a new photo app that I am very much in love with. Afterlight - super powerful and also super easy to use. It includes all the standards such as brightness, contrast and saturation. It also includes some great options such as highlight/middletone/shadow color tones so you can get rid of unwanted yellow tones, or just make the photo more blue toned for a professional look. Afterlight even includes a temperature option that can quickly spruce up any photo. 

Afterlight also includes a huge amount of great filters to use! (Some options below)


Another cool part is the masks it allows you to make, with shapes and also letters. 
(My favorite letter below!)

The masks also include a set of neat wallpapers to use instead of plain white. At  this point you can also change the size of the mask as well, so it's a bit of a smaller C below.

Basically it's a great app, with so many options. Other things you can do are an easy vignette 
setting and grain. 

My favorite part of this app is the cool light leaks option, with more than a dozen cool light leaks you can apply to your photograph. That and the instant film options can really create a unique and beautiful photo in a bit of an artistic way.

The best part of the app is at the end, when you can save to camera roll, upload to instagram, FB etc, as well as send it as a RL postcard using Sincerely. It basically makes it super easy to share.


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