Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Future Postcards - What I'm Looking Forward to in our Next Trip to Disneyland

It's no joke that we love Disneyland. Like love Disneyland. In the fall we are hoping to go again. Seven times lucky! What am I most looking forward to on our next visit?

1. One of the best things about Disneyland is how gluten free they are. As a celiac, I appreciated the care they put into it! I loved the waffles they specially made for me in Mickey Mouse shapes. They were amazing!

2. I love the Storybook Land Canal Boats. It's a great way to recharge after lines and heat and loudness. Generally it's cool on the water as well and so calm. This picture is one of my favorites from last trip and just looking at it makes me serene. 

3. Okay I didn't actually eat these lollipops but I love all the photo opportunities in Disneyland. There are so many beautiful photo spots. And colors. I love all the details too. Look up and in odd places-they really don't miss a thing!

4. Last time we went Bugs Life Land for the first time and this time Carsland will be brand new. It's wonderful to have something new even tho I love all the old rides too. I can't wait to see how they brought Cars to life!

Honestly Disneyland is just my favorite place. Can't wait to go in the fall!

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