Sunday, 9 March 2014

Roots and Leaves - Basil-opia - Growing Basil from Seeds

Crystal and I found this adorable little basil kit at Target the other week and decided to finally plant it. Who doesn't love basil? It was quite easy really - everything was included in the kit. We added water to the 'earth', made holes for the seeds, poured in way too many and then put it on the window sill where hopefully it will sprout and grow and become yummy! 

I was looking up some information on basil to share and came across this awesome info-graphic on propagating basil. (Not sure what the actual link is, since it just went to the image-so if it's yours, let us know!) Also this lovely blog (Garden Therapy) which has more detailed instructions

Pitchfork Diaries has a great post about different basil types. Someday I want to have that gorgeous purple kind-isn't it divine? What kind would you want to grow? 

When this basil finally grows, we are going to make a big pot of fresh basil pesto pasta. Nothing better in the world, am I right? 

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  1. we planted basil in a tiny plot in our backyard last year and it went absolutely WILD! it was amazing, i had fresh basil in any and everything :)