Thursday, 6 March 2014

Introducing Amy Pond

Last summer one of my friends was moving and couldn't find a place that allowed her to keep her cat and I was moving into a place that allowed cats and I wanted a cat, so I took hers. Got that - the most convoluted story ever. Bottom line is - this is my cat Amy Pond. (Figure out that reference? Huge Doctor Who fans here!)

Things Amy likes:
-to eat the buttons on my shirt 
-small boxes 
-acting crazy as soon as I turn off the lights at night

Funny story-my friend had originally named her a different name but when I got her I changed it. Telling my friend that her old cat had a new name was awkward. Awkward!

One evening as I was making dinner I turned around and Amy was lying on the floor like this. I grabbed my camera and was hoping she wouldn't move and she didn't! One of my favorite pictures ever!

Amy was fat when I got her but because I let her go outside and because of the two bladder infections she's had, she's lost a lot of weight. This results in me feeding her every time she asks for food because I'm feeling guilty/want to fatten her up. 

You might notice Amy in blog pictures now and then since she loves to investigate and she's adorable! Just know she's saying 'hello'!

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