Friday, 4 April 2014

DIY - Happy Plant - Succulent Glass Jar Planter - Roots and Leaves

I am enamoured by plants in glass jars, especially succulents. There's something about the light shining through the glass, and being able to see all the soil and rocks. Today I'm posting a DIY so that you can share in these beautiful planters.

You need soil, jars and rocks...oh and a plant of course! Any small plant will generally work, except cacti which can't abide the humidity.

Do a layer of rocks at the bottom of the jar, for drainage. Then the soil and plant. Because these are succulents (which don't like to get wet) I added a layer of rocks just below the leaf level. Not only does it help with the plant's health, but it also cleans up the top layer and makes it look nicer. 

Succulents don't like their leaves to be wet, or they rot, so make sure that the jar is big enough that the plant isn't touching the sides. This way condensation won't hurt your plant. You can keep the lid on sometimes, but make sure to take it off sometimes too to air the plant out. 

Place it in indirect sunlight, because of the glass direct sunlight will be amplified and you may end up frying your plant! Sunlight is good, but not for more than an hour or two a day. 

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