Sunday, 27 April 2014

Quick Cup of Tea - Crystal - Mermaids Elephants and Spring

One of the kids at work drew this in sidewalk chalk and I thought it was just great! Big fan of mermaids, and possibly planning a mermaid project for the summer. More on that later! However, I remember spending a lot of time with chalk out in the driveway. Sometimes I would cover the entire driveway with a chalk mural. Unfortunately the chalk colors were never that saturated, and it was hard to tell them apart, which meant that it was hard to tell what I was drawing. Probably better options out there these days.

Spring bouquet! It's that time of year when all the shops and people are celebrating the wide variety of flowers now available!! These are part of a bouquet my sis and I brought over to our parents for Easter Dinner. You will for sure see more floral in the future here.

What I've been working on this week (and last week). Part of the elephant series I'm doing, this one is charcoal and cold wax on vellum. Basically the cold wax turns the charcoal into a painting medium, and the smooth surface of the vellum helps it slide. You can get fantastic brush strokes. As well, the wax can be scratched away from the surface, resulting in super sharp lines. I'm going to do a Steller piece on it soon.

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