Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ink and Brush - Kimsooja Gallery Exhibit

Last fall on a very rainy wet day Crystal and I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to check out the Kimsooja Unfolding exhibit. It was pretty amazing overall but the best part was the large room with gorgeous fabrics hanging. There were mirrors on the sides so that the room appeared even bigger and huge fans that made the fabric sway. 

The fabric was in rows so you could walk through it. My favorite parts were when you were in the middle and couldn't see the rest of the museum. Surrounded by billowing patterned golden fabric was the coolest experience. 

The whole time Crystal and I were figuring out how to recreate this in our homes. First step is to find gorgeous draped fabric with patterns and gold. Second, hang it from the ceiling and then get some kind of fan. Third is I guess to enjoy. To be honest it's easier said than done to find the right kind of fabric. But possibly the hunt is part of the experience? 

What amazing gallery exhibits have you gone to lately?

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