Sunday, 20 April 2014

Roots and Leaves - Russell Nursery

My mom and I went to this lovely new nursery this weekend named Russell Nursery. I love nurseries and always walk out with way more than I should. This nursery was right in the middle of tall pine trees and it smelled like the west coast and green air and just lovely. The nursery had an open air feel but the roof was made of thick corrugated plastic. About half way thru our visit it started to rain and the sound was amazing. I could have stood there for a long time. 

On one of the benches amidst some ferns there was a sign that said 'birds nest'. For a second I thought that the plant was named 'birds nest' but then we heard a flutter and realized there was a real birds nest with four gorgeous pale blue eggs with brown stripes. What a surprise! I was super enchanted about it. 

I bought some lovely succulent hens and chicks and black mondo grass. The potted tulips called my name but I resisted and only snapped a quick photo. I replanted the hens and chicks Sunday morning and found this lovely little snail friend. My cat also wanted to be friends with this snail of course. 

I can't wait to go back to Russell Nursery. Next time I'm definitely going to buy some more succulents. What are your favorite things to buy in a nursery?

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