Monday, 7 April 2014

A Quick Cup of Tea - Elephants, planting a garden and pirates

Morning! This week I planted my (patio) garden! Or at least part of it. Because all I have is a patio I have to be careful about space and do some planning. Some ideas I had for making the most of my limited patio garden include hanging planters on the railing, hanging planters from the roof (patio above..), growing plants that are space conscious and using rolling trays underneath so I can move the big pots around and create different layouts. Below you can see my lettuce in long pots, using up the space beside the balcony-

Holly and I are almost ready to do our next photoshoot! You can see our past shoots here:
This weekend we will be shooting Pan, a slightly Peter Pan-ish shoot with the pirates vs the lost boys on the beach. Although we've evolved a long way from our original very Peter Pan ideas, we LOVE what we've done and are VERY excited to shoot! Look for updates! Preview pic below of part of a pirate costume! -

Lastly, just finished this last night and thought I'd share. It's a Sri Lankan elephant in mixed media (pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic) on 18x24" paper. These are endangered animals, but the government protects them by having the punishment for killing one being the death penalty.

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