Friday, 4 April 2014

We Love Food - Trail Mix Two Ways

I love trail mix. The best part is deciding what to put in. Sure you can buy a ready made mix, but why not mix and match all your favorite items? Here's two ways I like to enjoy trail mixes. 

The Dessert Mix is a nice treat for afternoons. Sometimes I love a little bit of sweet something mid afternoon so a small bag of this hits the spot. 

It's fairly simple and doesn't have a lot of ingredients. I put in peanut butter chocolate chips the other week and it was delicious. The right combo of sweet and salty!

The Energy Mix is wonderful for a pick me up if you're between meals or on the go. It's great for hikes or even to keep a small amount in your bag. Mix and match your favorite dried fruit for this one!

Love the raw nuts mixed with the dried fruit. Delicious. Who doesn't want to eat a bit of this?

What's your favorite thing to put in a trail mix?

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