Monday, 28 April 2014

What's in Our Bags x2 - Shoes, seeds & a big pocket knife

I love What's in Your Bag posts for some reason. I think it's the inner snoop in me. But we all have a little snoop in us right? (Just nod, that'll make me feel better!) When Crystal and I were at her house the other night we decided to do a version of this with our two bags. I feel like this tells a lot about our different personalities. (Although I'll be honest, we didn't put everything in the photo since my lunch kit isn't that exciting and Crystal had a lot to clean out.)

Holly's Bag:

I found this owl bag at Old Navy a bit ago and get so many compliments on it. My favorite is to tell the hipster people where I get it from and watch their world view change. 

Also shown is my owl change purse, owl wallet and gorgeous little blue bag full of odds and ends I don't want loose in my purse. Body butter from Rocky Mountain Soap, egg lip balm from Chapters and Ultrabakm from Lush. A pen that doubles as a flashlight (to shine in friends eyes obviously), floss (always handy) and headphones. Extra tea, poppy seeds and my Birkenstocks. Also my current favorite star scarf and my iPhone with its gorgeous case from Fossil. 

When I was taking this photo I was like: that's a lot of owls. I didn't even realize. Awkward. 

Crystal's Bag:

So I usually end up with a lot of stuff in my bag, and today was no exception. A complete silverware set (didn't realize that was in there!), my awesome pocket knife, a flash drive, sunglasses and my reusable bag from Bulk Barn (got it free for a big purchase). Next: four kinds of lip balm and a hand cream. Odd. I never wear lip balm. Some writing utensils, passport, wallet, advil and an emergency protein bar. Altoids (curiously strong...), Canadian Tire money (patriotic me!!) and a change purse. I jangle a bit when I walk.

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