Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Roots & Leaves - My Lettuce Garden - Watch it grow!

Basically this is how my garden works! The lettuce seeds took about a week to sprout, during which I wondered if I'd over watered them, or if it was too cold on my balcony. But then *boing* they popped up! Some nice sunshine and rain (they see rain and go *whoop whoop!*) and my lettuce was growing! I have two kinds in my planters, "City Garden Mix" (the *fluffy* one) and "Paris Island" (which is very french). There are so many different varieties of lettuce to grow, you could have a whole bunch of different kinds for super good looking salads. I think I'll add a few next year. 

I used my homegrown lettuce in a simple salad of apple, blue cheese, lettuce and dressing. Delish! 
Feel free to share your fav salad recipes!!

~cheers! Crystal

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