Sunday, 27 April 2014

Quick cup of tea - Holly

This week. Man, it was a good one. Four days since Monday was a stat and we had our Easter dinner with our folks and brother. That's always a good time. A loud time too, but good. This week I went with some of the children at work to the local petting zoo and it was hilarious that one of my little three year olds was terrified of peacocks. True-they were bigger than her, but I've never seen a fear of birds like that before. 

My cat continues to do cute things (and non cute things like when she wakes me up at four o'clock to go out). The flowers here are blooming and I know we're so lucky because so e of the country is under snow but we have lilacs. I liberated these from a fence as I was walking back from my sisters and they're living in my bathroom, giving me a delightful smell every time I walk in. 

Did a bit of thinning of my radish plants and discovered my garden clogs are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own right now. It's not really socially acceptable for me to wear them everywhere is it? Darn! Even tho it's been blue skies and gorgeous all week today is dawning with a bit of rain. At least this means I don't have to water my garden 

Today my plan is to finish my book, catch up on some tv and maybe craft a little. What are your plans for the day?

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