Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Midweek Catchup - Also why #firstworldproblems still suck

I've been without Internet for a week. Definitely #firstworldproblem but really, anyone who's been there understands both the frustration and the rising phone data numbers. Still-it's a beautiful day today and I have internet once again. Bring it on world!

Have I posted this picture before? No idea. I could write an entire blog post on what planting carrots has taught me. First and foremost that patience is required in all gardening. And then, I need to learn to thin the seedlings. This is hard-who wants to pull up baby carrots and tell them there's no room for them? Not me, that's for sure. 

Crystal mentioned the photo shoot we're doing this weekend. This is the Pirates flag. It's going to wave in the wind so beautifully! We literally decided that the pirates should have a flag and walked into the closet/studio and pulled out this fabric, tied it on and *presto* it was gorgeous. Magic really!

My best friend visited this weekend. We went out for dinner on Saturday and had the worst service ever. Ugh hate that. The food was amazing tho which always leaves me questioning leaving a tip. This pizza had sausage, mushrooms, feta and caramalized onions on it. Divine!

This is when I told me cat we had to go to the get so she could have her second shot of anti biotics for the uti that won't quit. Fingers crossed it's all good this time. 

The weather has been delightful lately. Spring has sprung and this girl is happy. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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