Monday, 24 February 2014

You Can Make it Beautiful - Spatter Constellation Art DIY

I love constellations. No idea why since I can really only see Orion's Belt. My mind just can't figure out constellations. Sadly. 

I was looking at Pinterest and saw some beautiful constellation embroidery and wanted to do something similar. Here's my take!


I did this in my kitchen since I didn't want to destroy the carpets any more than my cat already has. I spread the drop cloths out, poured some paint into the tray and dipped my paint brush in and then flicked it over the fabric. 

It took me a bit to figure out the right amount of paint to use so it didn't glob. I recommend using a larger piece of fabric than you want because some if it won't turn out. Lol. 

I also did little dots over the fabric to make it appear 'universe-y' and give the art more perspective. 

Once the paint is dry I put the fabric into a embroidery hoop and used some thread to 'connect' the constellations. This is the best part because you get to make your own constellations up!

 Full disclosure: I didn't have any white embroidery thread so I used this light blue/grey I had. You know what? It still looks great!

And here's my constellations, naming them was half the fun. Have a great time making up your own constellations!


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