Monday, 24 February 2014

We are not Lepidopterists - But we still like butterflies! - Beautiful butterfly coasters

We discovered that although we appreciate the differences in butterflies, we aren't so good at telling them apart or identifying them! The good part is - we don't think anyone else will know - so we picked cool latin names for these ones, that may or may not be their actual species.

The Common names are just as cool, however. Things like, "Purple Emperor" (cat name?), "Mountain Ringlet" (hairstyle?), "Large Chequered Skipper" (entree?), or "Mazarine Blue" (new Crayola color?)

Our latest thrift store outing brought us these. Vintage bamboo & glass coasters with real butterfly wings and a cool lace background. Gorgeous as a useful item around the house, or just for display in your curiousity cabinet.

The sad thing is that real butterflies generally only live 2-4 weeks (some live more, some less), which just makes these even more of a treasure.

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